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    I'm usually pretty good at sharing bad publicity, so I felt it was only fair, that I post how good Assy has treated me thru out this experience. I will be the first to admit, I can be a fucken tard when it comes to my POS, so putting up with me, says a lot about how great of an individual you are.

    Thanks for driving 3+ hours round trip to fix the axle, on the side of the road. You really saved my ass, and my job by doing so.

    Thanks for letting me and my cousin pop up, (announced/unannounced like some stoners) and for putting up with our treehouse conversation topics.

    Thanks for answering my 1000 questions, calls, e-mails, text, and borderline stalking, about parts, and performance.

    You have a beautiful family, and it was truly a pleasure to spend some time around them, hope we weren't too profane, or dropped too many "N" bombs.

    I had a full plate of drama lately, and you keeping my car on the road, really helped me in more ways then you'll ever know. If I can ever, do anything for you, ask, and it's yours. I am truly grateful, and appreciate your efforts. Thank you.



    My Nigga!!! If you need it, we fucks wit it!
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