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Thread: JimVR4's Spyder thread

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    Re: JimVR4's Spyder thread

    Quote Originally Posted by JimVR4 View Post
    Damn, I was really looking forward to getting her back tonight but Assy got crushed by work and it's just too late for me to meet up. Have to reschedule the pickup

    Steve - are you and Brittany skiers? I should be getting up to Northstar for 6 more ski days sometime this season.
    We sure are. She skis and I board. Do you still have my digits?

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    Re: JimVR4's Spyder thread

    Hey Guy's,

    Just wanted to give a shout out to Andrew (He is extremely knowledgeable on the 3S and he is a fantastic mechanic), after he did such an amazing job on Jim's car I could not pass up the chance to have him take a look at my Spyder. Funny thing (actually not funny at all) is the day after I drove Jim out to Turlock to pick up his baby I unfortunately started to hear a horrible metallic knock in my car while going through SFO; as you can imagine I was not liking the idea of needing a full engine rebuild. Needless to say I made the arrangements to have the Spyder towed out to Andrew's the following week after work (made for a very long day dealing with rush our traffic and rain).

    Andrew quickly found a number of things that needed attention ( several seals, bearings, crank service, clutch, timing belt Etc.) he kept me updated regularly with texts/pics and fielded all of my questions/concerns. Last weekend I finally received the call that I was waiting for and just picked up My Baby late Sunday evening (felt like I was going through a detox program), she seems to be running great and best of all no engine knock. I must say that I feel very fortunate to have met Andrew (Thanks again for the introduction Jim).

    In short I really appreciate Andrew's knowledge of the 3S, attention to the details as well as being extremely reasonable with labor costs. If anyone has the opportunity to have Andrew work on your 3S you absolutely will not regret it.

    Thanks again Andrew!


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    Re: JimVR4's Spyder thread

    Andrew is that boy.

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    Re: JimVR4's Spyder thread

    Andrew is my boy!

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    Re: JimVR4's Spyder thread

    Wanna do a stroker build?

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    Re: JimVR4's Spyder thread

    Quote Originally Posted by MelchezedekVR4 View Post
    Wanna do a stroker build?
    Sorry Sam, I'm not geared up for all that or experienced enough for that to feel comfortable saying yes I will.

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